Vol. 18 (2020): Journal of Business Management

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Journal of Business Management Volume 18 mainly comprises papers which are the results of the international research project “Higher Education Institutions for Youth Entrepreneurship”. The papers “Development of youth entrepreneurship in Latvia: A comparison of youth’s and experts’ opinions”, “Problems in the development of youth entrepreneurship in the Republic of Armenia” and “Activation of youth entrepreneurship in Ukraine: Youth’s view of the problem” are devoted to problems of youth entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe.

One of the papers is devoted to a topic of growing importance – women’s representation on boards.
The final paper of this volume “Institutional governance matters in the context of social capital and international entrepreneurial entry: A multi-level perspective” is devoted to a better comprehension for institutional governance factors impacting the relationship between social capital possessed by the entrepreneurial ventures and their ability to enter into the international market. The results of these studies are useful not only for other researchers, but for policymakers as well.

All the papers were double-blind peer reviewed. Following the necessary corrections and additions resulting from the review process, five accepted papers were included in the issue.

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Published: 23.09.2022