Vol. 15 (2018): Journal of Business Management

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The instability of the entire socioeconomic system is growing. This situation demands from organizations quick and accurate managerial decisions which take into account changes in the external environment and utilise new possibilities.

Rapid changes on the macro and micro level need proactive measures; for instance, organizations must think about connecting business decisions and business cycles (the topic of one of the journal articles in this issue).

Top management team diversity in these conditions has become more important. The topic of alumni knowledge management is important for organizations and a sustainable higher education system.

One of the papers (theoretical) is devoted to different trends in strategic management (research based on keyword analysis).
All this and other problems are discussed in papers included in JBM Issue No. 15.

All the papers were double-blind peer reviewed. Following the necessary corrections and additions resulting from the review process, 5 accepted papers were included in the issue.

The Journal of Business Management has been indexed in COPERNICUS since 2017 and in EBSCO since 2008.

Next year issues will be devoted to foreseeing challenges and opportunities for organizations on the macro and micro level.

Published: 23.09.2022