Vol. 3 (2022): ADAMarts The 6th International Conference of the European Narratology Network

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The 6th gathering of the European Narratology Network (ENN), organized by RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, brought together scholars, artists, and international experts working in the field of narratology, literature, and film, with shifting focus toward new technologies, the archaeology of immersive narrative systems, neurocinematics, and expanding vectors in narrative studies.

Wide in the scope of its topics and complexity, the conference honed in on the fusion of novel applications with unreliable/paradoxical narratives, which draw readers and viewers into a story, geospatially and cognitively, by means of blurring the boundaries between real, virtual and alternative spaces. At the center of the discourse exists the ‘Gaslight’ structure, which undermines or destroys impartiality in narrative perception because the ‘modus operandi’ of the emerging technologies, under the guise of various ‘immersive’ scenarios, whether text-based, film, game design, or Mixed Reality (MR), significantly alters the storytelling apparatus. The residual effect of such interactions is a set of narrative strategies that seek to destabilize the critical faculties of its target audience through misdirection, contradiction, psychological disturbance and cognitive manipulation in both content and at the textual level.

This volume presents a selection of evocative presentations and papers offered to highlight the success of the gaslight narratives model in targeting intended effects. The edition also includes AI illustrations that have been generated from presenters' texts by American artist Sabrina Durling-Jones, who specializes in machine learning and generative AI techniques. Ultimately, this volume is intended to signal an expansion of boundaries in narrative research and contextualize how emerging technologies can support a broader understanding of narrative structures and the different ways they might be perceived by audiences.

Assist. Prof. Aigars Ceplītis
Dean, Faculty of Media and Creative Technologies
ADAM Arts Editorial Board

Published: 29-09-2023

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