Complex model of evaluation of long-term housing financing instruments


  • Inita Henilane BA School of Business and Finance
  • Daina Skiltere University of Latvia


long-term housing financing instruments, benefits, instrument evaluation, complex model, Latvia


The aim of this research is to develop a complex model for evaluating the benefits of long-term housing financing instruments and to determine the indications of appropriate instruments for Latvia.

Research methodology: Analytic hierarchy process method, Delphi method, document analysis method, statistical methods.

The findings of the research show that it is important to develop existing long-term housing financing instruments and create new instruments in Latvia to attract investment to the housing sector and improve the housing situation in Latvia. The authorities responsible for housing policy in Latvia should conduct detailed research on possibilities for the implementation of new longterm housing financing instruments, especially in the form of green bonds and energy efficiency investment funds.

The novelty of the research comprises the complex model developed to determine appropriate long-term housing financing instruments for Latvia.