Hallmarks of Strategic Management Accounting: seeking to support decision-making processes



strategic management accounting, management accounting, strategy, strategic decision-making


The objective of this paper is to systematize, classify and present diverse hallmarks regarding strategic management accounting that are essential to understanding this concept, its evolution over time, and its contributions to strategic decision-making and strategic targeting.

Methodology. Based on a qualitative and analytical methodology, a total of 66 papers on the topic obtained from Scopus and Science Direct were analyzed, and information was categorized according to certain criteria. The main idea is that strategic management accounting may contribute, through the supply of strategic and innovative information, to supporting how companies are strategically managed and their strategic decisions.

The general conclusion is that this branch of accounting is still in a stage of consolidation, with developments in diverse areas to face the challenges derived from globalization, the free market, technological change and global competition, along with diverse challenges in training, management styles, and awareness of the importance of making decisions based on relevant and integral external and internal information.

JEL Classification: M410, M190.