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Vol. 4 (2023): ADAMarts
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ADAMarts comprises essays dedicated to architecture and media arts. The architectural contributions in this volume focus on a wide range of areas. In response to the question of whether it is possible to create a new place with a new functional and sociocultural purpose by recycling and reusing existing degraded landscape structures, Anna Saurova provides spatial design guidelines for the creation of a community village of aviation enthusiasts on the territory of the former military airfield in Vaiņode. Efe Duyan focuses on the emphasis on the meaning of architecture according to semiotics, which has been prominent since ecology and social concerns became essential issues in architecture. The article revisits semiotics in architecture in light of recent neuroscientific research on perception. “What course will architecture take in the wake of the post-digital?” – this hard question is raised by Rudolfs Dainis Šmits, and for him, it seems to a resonance today with the topics of the 1970s: new technologies, civil protests, the environment, the oil-natural gas crisis, and energy conservation The articles by media arts researchers also include a broad spectrum of topics. The article “A Use Case for Diffusion Models in the Generation of Hybrid AI, Multi-Modal Live Performances” by Sabrina Durling-Jones & Aigars Ceplitis offers insight intothe importance of experimentation by artists as new AI approaches become accessible in the public sphere. This paper by Chris Hales presents artistic research based on experimentation with image generation representing the River Daugava. The contribution by Ellen Pearlman discusses certain aspects involved in creating the GPT cloud-based character AIBO.

Jānis Lejnieks
PhD in Architecture,
Senior Research Fellow at RISEBA University

Published: 21-12-2023

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